Adriana Lima: how boxing sculpted her dream body?

Adriana Lima: how boxing sculpted her dream body?

How Adriana Lima sculpted her dream body ? —

As she turns 38 today, Adriana Lima displays a 100% fit body and a foolproof shape. And for good reason ? Weight lifting, jump rope, shadow-boxing … Indeed, for more than ten years, the top has been practicing boxing assiduously several times a week. Back in pictures on his calibrated drive at the origin of his sculptural body.

Michael Olajide Jr, a former professional oxer in the 80s. The reason ? Boxing is the discipline par excellence for shaping a dream body, venting, emptying and building muscle quickly. More than just sport, then

Adriana Lima found the discipline adapted to her fiery temper. “This sport is therapeutic for the body, but also for the mind. I’ve been practicing it for over 10 years, long before it became fashionable again … I even have two coaches in two different cities to be able to train almost every day: one in New York, the other in Miami

“On the program: outdoor muscular sports sessions, skipping rope, shadowboxing and lifting weights, all 4 hours a day to work all of its figure. Aeropower, High Performance Center, 121 West 27th Street New York, NY 10001

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Oslo: Christian Coleman wins 100 m in 9’85, best world performance of the year Oslo: Karsten Warholm new king of Europe, Christian Coleman impresses Eden Hazard’s presentation conference at Real Madrid live in Costa Rica, duel between a centrist and a presidential “aggressor” Recognize chronic pain as a phenomenon of public health At the Rotterdam festival, fireworks

Oslo: Christian Coleman won 100m in 9’85, the best world performance of the year The American Christian Coleman made a strong impression Thursday evening in Oslo by easily winning the 100m with an excellent time of 9’85 , new best world performance of the season.

Oslo: Karsten Warholm new king of Europe, Christian Coleman impresses Oslo: In front of his audience, the Norwegian Karsten Warholm established a new European record on 400 m hurdles in 47 ’33. Over 100 m, Christian Coleman established the best world performance of the season in 9’85 A Viking, it will be 4H worldwide!!

Eden Hazard’s presentation conference at Real Madrid live Follow the Eden Hazard Presentation Press Conference Live on the L’Equipe website. The former player of Lille and Chelsea signed up with the formation of Zinedine Zidane for 5 years and an amount close to 100 M & 8364 ;. The first words (in French) of Eden Hazard as a Real Madrid player Follow the live presentation You do too much The speaking team of distressing foreign clubs

Edouard Philippe promises an “ecological acceleration” which remains to be realized Edouard Philippe announced this Wednesday to want to make the bill on the circular economy one of his priorities of the start of the school year, with an examination in Parliament in September. For the rest, the Prime Minister did not make any new announcements, reaffirming the objective of 100% recycled plastic and the will of the government to transform ISCED into direct aid. Always to promise, again … As long as there are some to believe it ⁇ It is always the second part of the sentence which is interesting with this Government “which remains to be concretized”

Serbs in Kosovo are resisting GREEN REPORTING – Twenty years after the Kosovo War, 100,000 Orthodox Serbs still live in the former Yugoslav province, self-proclaimed independent in 2008. A vulnerable minority in this territory populated by 2 million Muslim Albanians and led by a government which… America has built the false state in lies and the drug trade where there is an ‘apartheid’ against a Christian people in the middle of Europe … a silent Europe ArnoGujon Thank you very much. HVALA! ArnoGujon When you use tant expressions that ‘resistance’, you give an excuse to thugs, such as Haradinaj and Thaci, to promote illegal actions against Serbs by the police center in Kosovo and Metohija Province courting under the mandate of the UN sublet to EULEX .

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