Best boxing helmet: Notice and comparison?

Best boxing helmet: Notice and comparison?

The helmet is essential protective equipment in a boxing ring. Indeed, this accessory reduces the energy of shocks in order to protect the brain. Of course, the risk of concussion is not zero, but it can be significantly reduced. In addition, this equipment limits bruising and the number of cuts in the face. Boxers can therefore continue their fight or training in good conditions.

Also called a guard, the boxing helmet will only protect you if it is on the right bill. To help you find qualitative and comfortable equipment, we have written this guide full of advice. Read them carefully before browsing our selection of the best boxing helmets referenced on the canvas.

The advantages of boxing helmets

There are many good reasons to equip yourself with a helmet before entering the ring. Here are the main ones.

It protects the nose and chin

Many punches land on the nose. Broken or not, it can bleed profusely. However, these bleeds are very troublesome during the fighting. With padding and specific integral protection, the helmet can provide effective protection to this particularly sensitive part of the face. The same goes for the chin, which can also suffer from fractures and abrasions.

He warns of cuts

Some sensitive areas of the face quickly overlap with cuts during a boxing match. Fists and wearing gloves are responsible for these injuries. The padding of the helmet protects these sensitive areas to limit cuts and preserve good combat conditions.

If the ability of the boxing helmet to protect the brain is not proven, the reduction of cuts is indeed. Indeed, there are two schools in the world of boxing. Some believe that the risk of concussions is greatly reduced while others are believed that the brain would be better protected without a helmet.

In any case, the absence of this equipment will always lead to an increase in the number of cuts and abrasions. The eyes, jaw and cheeks will be effectively protected by padding the helmet.

It reduces bruising

Like cuts, bruises are very inconvenient and sometimes more painful. In addition, they are very visible on the face. With a padded helmet, amateur boxers will always be presentable to get to work.

The disadvantages of the boxing helmet

After the advantages, here are the disadvantages of this protective equipment.

It offers a larger target to hit

Some boxers give up the helmet because it makes it easier for the opponent who has a larger strike target. Indeed, the padding widens the surface to be struck. Head injuries may therefore be more numerous after a fight.

It reduces the field of vision

With foam padding, blind spots may appear. Concretely, the greater the padding, the more your field of vision may be limited. This is why competition helmets must minimize padding while ensuring head and face protection.

A false sense of security ?

Sometimes the feeling of security offered by the helmet encourages boxers to take more risks. The situation is therefore more conducive to injuries. In addition, this risk taking can influence the outcome of the fight. Finally, a boxer who wears a protective helmet should behave as if he were not wearing one. Thus, it would take full advantage of the level of protection offered without compromising its performance.

The different types of boxing helmets

To choose your boxing helmet correctly, you must know the different models and their use.

The competition helmet

To limit blind spots and not offer too much striking surface to the opponent, competition boxing helmets are offered a reduced padding and less enveloping, especially at the cheeks. This design also makes it possible to maintain good mobility. In addition, you will have good vision to see all the punches coming.

A good competition helmet must also be light. Thus, you will be able to move more easily and faster to dodge the blows. Namely, that American brand boxing helmets must be AIBA or USA Boxing certified to guarantee a design and padding adapted to the requirements of competitions.

The kick boxing helmet

These protective helmets are specially designed for the practice of Thai boxing. They are very similar to French boxing helmets. Their performance is therefore similar.

The sparring boxing helmet

Compared to the competition helmet, the sparring boxing helmet is better padded. It therefore offers better protection against bruising and cuts. Some offer complete face protection. In short, this equipment favors security at the expense of vision.

The most common boxing sparring helmets have an open face. They limit their ability to protect the face, but improve the vision of the boxer. Indeed, the eyes, chin, nose and cheeks will be exposed, but you will be better able to see the blows coming.

MMA helmet and other combat sports

These helmets are different in terms of design and padding. Unlike boxing, the marital arts integrate catch and sequences on the ground. The padding must therefore be firmer.

Top 4 of the best boxing helmets according to Fitness Magazine

1. The adult mixed boxing helmet Venum Challenger 2.0

Completely black, this boxing helmet can be worn by men and women. Its robust design exploits high-end PU leather to ensure excellent longevity. Very light, it will allow you to keep your mobility to dodge all punches. In addition, this lightness will make its port pleasant.

Thanks to a triple density foam, this protective equipment can absorb the energy of the impacts so as to reduce the risk of head trauma. With a flexible two-way velcro closure, this helmet offers a unique size. Its design will allow it to effectively protect your cheeks and chin from cuts, bruises and fractures.

Made in Thailand, this boxing helmet displays an accessible price. Robust and light, it will also protect your temples and ears while keeping your vision.

Its strong points: its triple density foam, its lightness (300 g)

Its weak point: a single size

2. The MB117 Metal Boxing Helmet

This helmet has a lower price than the previous model. In addition, it offers 3 different colors: blue, red and black. Its similar weight will allow you to preserve all your mobility to dodge all the blows. Its comfortable harbor will not weigh on your shoulders. So you can fully focus on your training.

Versatile, this helmet meets the requirements of different combat sports. Its design will allow it to protect your cheeks and your head. The tightening above it will adjust with laces. A velcro under the chin will allow you to keep the helmet closed.

Manufactured in China, this protective equipment is recommended for boxing schools. Resistant and durable, there is a PU / PVC coating. Its EVA foam padding will absorb impact energy to limit the risk of head trauma.

Child size and adult size are available.

Its strong points: its robust and durable coating, its lightness, the choice of color, its EVA foam, its versatility, the choice of size, the price

Its weak point: The velcro closure of the chinstrap is not very comfortable

3. RDX boxing helmet all combat sports

Also versatile, this helmet is a little more expensive than the previous model. Completely black, it is brilliantly designed to absorb energy from impacts. Zero Impact G-Core technology is based on the integration of an EVA foam that absorbs shocks and distributes them over the entire surface of the helmet. In addition, there is a robust leather coating. Comfortable, this non-slip textile guarantees excellent helmet maintenance.

For your safety, the entire helmet is padded, including the strap under the chin. The helmet closes at the back with robust laces. Its design will allow it to protect the entire lower part of your face. Available in several sizes, this equipment is much heavier than the previous ones (800 g). It is therefore less convincing in terms of mobility. However, its protection zone is more extensive. Play, ears and mouth will be safe from blows. A steel bar will protect your mouth and the thickness of the padding will limit cuts and bruises.

Its strong points: protection at 360 °, EVA foam, thick and effective padding, extended protection zone

Its weak point: weight

4. The high absorption MADGON shock boxing helmet

Maintaining a wide field of vision, this boxing helmet effectively protects the face. Ergonomic and comfortable, it adapts to all morphologies and exploits a material absorbing the most violent shocks. Its design is also studied to let air pass so as to limit sweating and evacuate moisture. So you will fight dry and in excellent conditions.

Specially designed for adults, the MADGON boxing helmet includes quality padding to protect you from punches and kicks. Easy to insert and remove, it embeds a very practical closing system: an easily adjustable and non-embarrassing velcro band.

This MMA helmet is suitable for both men and women. In addition, it meets the requirements of a large number of combat sports, including kick boxing, krav maga, boxing and sparring. Available in several colors, this protective equipment will be delivered to you with its protective case.

Made of PU leather, it promises a long lifespan even in case of intensive use. The velcro fastener harnesses highly resistant plastic to ensure good resistance to the wear of time. Designed to optimize your safety, this MMA helmet will allow you to train with confidence !

Its strong points: ergonomic and robust PU leather design, qualitative padding absorbing all shocks, chin strap optimizing the maintenance and level of protection, easy threading and removal, certified durability.

Its weak point: only 2 sizes available

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