Boxing – how to equip yourself well?

Boxing – how to equip yourself well?

You have decided to get into boxing, this combat sport maintaining your physical form and giving you self-defense bases ? Choosing good boxing equipment is essential to provide maximum protection, whether you plan to join a club or practice at home. Adapted boxing equipment protects you and your combat partner quickly and allows you to improve your performance quickly. Follow our guide to find out which equipment and accessories are necessary for the practice and how to choose them.

Boxing: the right questions to ask to equip yourself well

There are several types of boxing: English boxing, French boxing or Thai boxing. While English boxing only allows fists, French boxing allows you to use both fists and feet and thus solicits your legs more. Thai boxing, more intense and oriented towards defense, involves the knees, the elbows and the shins.

Even if these disciplines have commonalities, it is essential to know what type of boxing you intend to practice before buying your outfit and your equipment.

The gender of the practitioner also has an impact on boxing equipment. Thus, boxing attire for girls will preferably include a chest protector. The shell to protect the genitals is recommended for both sexes.

  • Your level of practice: a beginner can opt for less sophisticated equipment than a confirmed boxer.
  • The frequency of your training and fighting: again, occasional practice will require less investment.

The budget you want to allocate to the purchase of your boxing equipment will also guide your choice, particularly regarding the range and quality of the equipment.

The price obviously depends on the accessory, but you can count on average 20 to 50 € for the purchase of your boxing gloves and 100 to 200 € for the acquisition of a good punching bag.

What an outfit for boxing ?

If you are practicing English boxing, plan fairly flexible and light shoes, flat and rising, to benefit from good ankle support. A non-slip sole is also recommended.

There are also shoes specially designed for French boxing. Their sole is smooth so as not to cause damage to your opponents.

For English boxing and Thai boxing, preferably opt for a tank top and boxing shorts whose cut is rather wide in order to be free to move.

The protective equipment needed to do boxing

Whether it is English, French or Thai boxing equipment, the glove is the essential accessory ! It avoids injuries and reduces the risks associated with this type of sport, by protecting the hand and by gently accustomed the impact joints thanks to its padding.

  • The type of glove: there are gloves intended for striking bags, to protect your hands during solo training, or even sparring and combat gloves, dedicated to training with a partner. Their padding is generally quite large. The competition gloves used by professionals have a reduced padding to allow more impactful strikes.
  • The size of the glove: expressed in ounces (Oz), it is to be determined according to the age and weight of the person. Note that the higher the size, the greater the padding and therefore the better the protection. It is advisable to refer to a weight-size match table for gloves when choosing.
  • The material: boxing gloves can be made of leather or similar. Leather offers better quality and more sustainability but requires a larger budget.
  • The closure system: boxing gloves with Velcro are much easier to put on than those that use laces. Beginners will therefore opt for this system.

Whatever type of boxing you have chosen, you will need a tooth guard to avoid ending up with a broken tooth in a fight or biting your tongue. You will have the choice between a double or simple mouth guard, depending on your preferences. Take care not to follow the instructions when molding it.

The boxing helmet allows good absorption of blows to the head and mitigates the impacts. While it is not useful to wear it when you train alone, it is essential during intensive training, practiced with an opponent. Be sure to choose a helmet at your size, which does not bother you and does not reduce your field of vision.

It is highly recommended to wear a shell protecting your genitals when you box, regardless of your gender. Wearing a chest protector is also recommended for women.

The shin protector is especially recommended when you practice Thai boxing. It prevents bruises resulting from contact with your opponent.

Boxer’s equipment

If you have decided to train at home, the punching bag will be your best ally ! This is specially designed to receive blows without deforming or damaging. It therefore allows you to perfect your moves and your technique as much as you want. There are several types of strike bags:

  • The most common suspended strike bag is usually attached to the ceiling, but can also be hung on a self-supporting support. It helps you work the power of your moves. To practice English boxing, choose a short model instead.
  • The standing or self-supporting boxing bag is stable and resistant, and prevents you from breaking through your ceiling. It is ideal for working the technique.
  • The punching bag, also called “slash ball”, comes in the form of a balloon attached to an adjustable metal rod, all of which is stabilized by a fairly heavy base. Its striking area is therefore much smaller than in a standing format. And as it simulates a moving target, it allows you to improve your typing technique and your speed.
  • The strike bust has a form of human bust. You can box with your hands and feet when you use it.

The jump rope is also an accessory used during boxing training sessions. In particular, it allows you to work your muscles and increase your endurance, while improving your footwork. You will find models with plastic, leather or metal handles.

Finally when you buy your boxing equipment, don’t forget to provide a transport bag, which is very useful for moving all your equipment, especially when you are boxing outside.

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