How and why choose to learn a combat sport?

How and why choose to learn a combat sport?

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For their practitioners, the disciplines of combat and self defense represent much more than simple sports. They constitute a true art of living, particularly useful for serenely facing the vagaries of everyday life.

At Tactics Defenses in Rennes, you will benefit from the many advantages offered by Krav Maga, English and French boxing, Amazon Training or the ADAC technique. You wonder why these disciplines see their number of licensees increasing every year ? Here are four of the main reasons generally mentioned by practitioners …

1. Learn to defend yourself and fight

Objective number 1 of people integrating an association or sports structure: to feel more serene and safe in the street.

For this, it is necessary to regain self-confidence, and to know how to react and fight in the event of aggression. Within our four classrooms, in Rennes and Vern on Seiche, you will find a combat / self defense teacher listening to you, ready to refer you to good discipline. There are two categories of practice.

  • Combat sports: English, French, Thai boxing, sambo, jiujitsu … They are governed by sports rules and have proven themselves in terms of efficiency. If you are diligent and motivated, you will be able to progress quickly.
  • Self defense disciplines: their primary objective is not to fight or face, but rather to analyze and anticipate danger, in order to be able to quickly flee an aggression. Self defense is not subject to sports rules: defending oneself must therefore be the last resort. Krav Maga, for example, will teach you first to protect yourself and help others.

2. Stay in shape

If you are looking for an activity in Rennes to keep yourself in good physical shape, be aware that the practice of a combat sport or self defense will allow you to achieve this objective. These activities are indeed ideal for working on your cardiovascular system, but also other physical qualities such as speed, endurance, coordination, power, flexibility …

Some courses generate a great energy expense: 700 calories for an hour of boxing lessons for example ! An excellent way to combine the useful with the pleasant.

3. Optimizing mental preparation

Each combat or self defense sport will help you develop your mind. By being confronted with one or more adversary, you will push your physical limits to their limits in order to prevail or flee. This will allow you to better know your limits. Thanks to regular practice, you will gain self-confidence and be able to react better to stressful situations.

4. Develop your social circle through sport

Practicing a sport of combat and or self defense is also to meet people who share the same objective and the same passion as you. By regularly attending our training sessions, in Rennes or Vern on Seiche, you will no doubt have beautiful friendly meetings. A formidable vector of integration, sport makes it easy to develop its network of friends.

For many of our practitioners, Tactical Defenses in Rennes is, more than an association, a second family. Self defense and combat sport are practiced there seriously, but in a good mood.

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