How to check which port a proxy uses?

How to check which port a proxy uses?

Proxy servers are computers that stand on other computers as part of a network operation? The correspondent should not realize that he is dealing with a proxy, and so many Internet users and deal with proxy servers on a regular basis without knowing it. Computer users can choose to channel their Internet traffic via a proxy server . The user must configure the accessing network software to send all communications with the proxy server and this involves entering the server address and port number within the application parameters. Port Number.

a port can be taken on a computer, but in the context of proxy server addresses, it is a shortcut to an application running on a computer. A server expects incoming messages, but may not know right away where many programs that are running continuously face specific traffic . The server runs a listening program, calls a demon, who listens to incoming messages and directs them to the application that can manage each message. The port number indicates that the demon the application which must receive the incoming message.

The network computer application that most often communicates with proxy servers is the web browser. If the browser is configured to use a proxy server, it will not be communicated with one of the addresses typed in the address bar by the user. Instead, he will always contact the proxy server, carrying the required address as a parameter. The proxy server then contacts this address on the name of the browser. In order for the browser to send a message to the proxy application that runs on the proxy server, it must send its request not only to the server address, but also for the port number of the proxy application. For this reason, the user must indicate to the browser whose address and port number to be used when entering the details in the network adjustment section of the browser configuration system.

Regular port numbers

Some port numbers are pre-affected to specific applications by an international organization called IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority . The administrator of a proxy server can configure the application to use a port number, but it is likely that a port number listed as a port well known for another application will be avoided. Most tutorials recommend avoiding any port number less than 1024, to ensure full custody of well-known port numbers is not affected . The recommended port number for proxies is 8080 and there are several agents using this port number than any other . However, it is not the application of this rule and many other port numbers are used by the administrators of the proxy application.
Find Port numbers

The large number of ports means that no proxy server announces its address without also giving its port number . Users looking for proxy server lists will note that each entry gives an IP address and a port number and this two information must be entered in the network settings of the browser in order to contact this proxy server.

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