How to design a cheap house?

How to design a cheap house?

Building a house is a great deal of expense, however, is it possible to find a cheap building house ? Are there more affordable models of houses to build than others ? What are the tips for saving on your new home project ? Back to the different solutions available to you.

New house: what are the cheapest house models to build ?

For your house project, you have the possibility of delegating its realization to a manufacturer of individual houses (CCMI contract) or to a prime contractor. Most often, different models of houses that respond to current trends and regulations (RT2012) are submitted to you through a catalog.

The advantage is to be able to quickly budget for such a project, but also to compare the type of house that best meets your desires. Contemporary house, traditional house, single-foot house, kit house, bioclimatic house … not all ask for the same expertise and do not display the same rates. Explanations.

The traditional house

Of wood, concrete block or brick, traditional houses use cheaper components than other models. More classic in appearance, they are generally thought of for an optimized construction both in terms of time and manpower.

However, in France, traditional houses meet the latest thermal regulations (RT 2012) in the same way as all new constructions.

Good to know: individual house builders often offer more affordable home models. The plans are already made by an architect and are studied to meet the latest trends as well as the most common needs. Unlike the tailor-made, the already established house models cause less cost to the manufacturer, since it will produce volume. However, it is quite possible to make modifications in order to personalize the accommodation.

The contemporary house

Recognizable by their cubic architecture and their roof terrace, their construction requires the use of more noble materials such as cellular concrete, stone, wood … although many contemporary houses also exploit the concrete block.

Each room is optimized for ventilated and bright living spaces. More expensive to invest, contemporary houses can still represent long-term savings. Orientation, the brightness of living spaces are indeed thought to save energy.

The house in kit

There is house in kit and … house in kit ! On the one hand, the low cost solution which consists in delivering the house in spare parts which you must mount yourself. More suitable for a chalet project or an extension of your home, this option rarely agrees with a need for accommodation.

Regarding the second option, the prefabricated solid wood house, it responds to owners wishing to a design and ecological project. High-end constructions which present prices similar to contemporary houses, according to the choice of finishes.

House to build: how to build a house with a small budget ?

A budget is not necessarily extensible and the manufacturers have understood this correctly. In fact, there are several solutions for having a cheaper house:

  • The choice of a house ready to decorate: unlike the turnkey house, the finishes are made by the future owners. Tiling, painting work, outdoor planning … this solution represents on average a saving of 20% compared to a traditional house delivered turnkey.
  • The house model: prices vary according to the style of house. While contemporary models demand a higher cost for construction (more noble materials, roof terrace, etc.), traditional houses are said to be more affordable.
  • Economic choices: choice of more economical materials (tiling range, PVC for windows, etc.) classic rather than sliding glass berries, installation of a carpark which replaces the garage … Many decisions will be decisive in increasing or on the contrary, reducing the total cost of the house.

What type of house costs the least ?

When browsing the manufacturer’s catalog, some house models will be cheaper than others. The prices are not linked to the quality of the construction, but to its design: area, one or two garages, number of rooms, absence of facade play, range of coatings, etc.

Expert advice: beyond the house model, the choice of land will also determine the final cost of construction. Flat terrain will necessarily require less earthworks than sloping ground. In addition, the house must also adapt to the configuration of the land, in fact, it may be wise to turn to a manufacturer who offers home + land offers.

Choose the right construction professional

Compare the different solutions available to you: architect, project manager, builder … Note that with an architect or a prime contractor, prices can change during the construction site, which is not the case with a manufacturer of individual houses ! Indeed, the prices are final as indicated in the contract.

The main thing is to gauge the value for money. For example, going through live entrepreneurs is certainly more affordable, but requires a lot of follow-up without taking advantage of legal guarantees. While entrusting the project to a manufacturer of individual houses protects you sustainably during the works and after the delivery of the property: work damage insurance, delivery according to the agreed deadlines and prices, guarantee of proper functioning, ten-year guarantee, etc.

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