TOP 3 training to progress in boxing?

TOP 3 training to progress in boxing?

Boxing being a very complete sport, there are many training methods which each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Among all this panoply, I have selected the TOP 3 of boxing training that will allow you to improve:

  • Your boxing techniques
  • Your combat endurance
  • Your ease in the ring
  • The fluidity of your boxing sequences

The practice of his 3 training combined with a little muscle reinforcement, will allow you to become a very good boxer.

Shadow boxing, ideal for improving your boxing techniques

The perfect training to progress in boxing at home.

It consists of boxing alone in a vacuum. Your goal while you are doing shadow boxing is to improve your boxing techniques as much as possible.

Slowly work on your favorite boxing sequences to make them as fluid and efficient as possible:

Here are some criteria that will allow you to improve your boxing through the shadow :

  • Work on typical sequences.
  • Remember to have your guard when you fight.
  • Box gently.
  • Train as a round, example: 5 rounds of 2 minutes of shadow.
  • Delimit the area of your shadow, example: A larger or smaller area in the shape of a square (no larger than that of a ring).
  • Just try to perfect your boxing techniques during your shadowboxing.

The punching bag, your ally to perfect your boxing

For those who are lucky enough to have access to a strike bag, it is the ideal tool for progressing in boxing. It will allow you to :

  • Improve your boxing sequences = by working on your favorite sequences.
  • = Training in the strike bag on several rounds at a sustained pace will drastically develop your combat endurance.
  • Develop your explosiveness = By boxing on short times, or your goal is to achieve as much chaining as possible with maximum speed.
  • Improve the accuracy of your keystrokes = Stick a few small pieces of scotch tape on the bag and make various sequences by targeting these pieces. Tip: Place the pieces of scotch in strategic places: at chin, plexus, liver, etc ..

Like the shadow I will advise you to work in the form of a round, example: 5 rounds of 2 minutes with the bag. Where in each round you insert a very specific theme, example; round 1 I work the precision of my strikes, rounds 2 I work in explosiveness, etc ….

Glove wear, an essential for progressing in boxing

Boxing by doing a maximum of glove wear will allow you to put into practice in a concrete situation, everything you have just learned. It is the essential training to progress in boxing. You will be able to improve and improve your boxing through this exercise.

Here is a list of tips to make your glove bets more productive and effective:

  • Change training partners often so you don’t get used to boxing.
  • Do not hesitate to wear gloves while boxing gently, to perfect your boxing techniques.
  • Insert themes in your glove bets, example: Boxer A work in fists and boxer B in Fists and Feet.
  • Make as many glove bets as possible, the more you box, the more you progress.
  • Equip yourself with all the equipment necessary for boxing: See BOX PROTECTIONS
  • Take pleasure in boxing ! Loving boxers will allow you to progress much, much faster.

TOP 3 summary of boxing training

  1. Shadow boxing, ideal for perfecting your boxing techniques and for training at home.
  2. The punching bag, a very effective tool to improve your endurance explosiveness and the accuracy of your keystrokes.
  3. Glove wear, the most effective exercise for progressing in boxing.

As I told you in the introduction, its 3 training courses will allow you to progress effectively in boxing as much on a technical boxing as well as physical level.

“A boxer is boxing !”


Kyle, your MB coach

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