Top without Lonsdale black boxing sleeve?

Top without Lonsdale black boxing sleeve?

Boxing is more than 100 million practitioners worldwide. 100 million boxers and boxers who outdo themselves during training, who hit as many as they received. During their practice, it is essential for them to be fully confident with equipment that protects them, to focus on the benefits of boxing: being overwhelmed, power gain, speed and energy … It is to offer them products adapted to these requirements that we have created Outshock. The brand’s DNA: allow boxers and boxers to stay out of touch, to feel perfectly safe with material that matches them.
Our goal is to make boxing accessible to everyone by making the apprehension of hurting oneself disappear to explore all the beautiful values of this sport: trust, commitment, daring, respect for the adversary. These 4 values drive the Outshock team on a daily basis..

Boxing protections for safe practice

French boxing, Thai boxing, English boxing, kickboxing… whatever your type of boxing protection, are essential for a practice in optimal conditions. The boxing brand, OUTSHOCK of DECATHLON offers you a wide choice to accompany you during your indoor and home training.

Gloves as boxing protection

Boxing gloves are used to protect your partner and your hands, your fists from shock.. The DECATHLON OUTSHOCK boxing brand offers you a whole range of protection. The choice will therefore be crucial depending on your practice and your level. If you do cardio boxing or combat circuit lessons, you can use boxing mittens. On the other hand if you are doing sparring you will need boxing gloves and in addition to the boxing bands or mittens under gloves. Boxing tapes will also be useful in protecting gloves from sweating and preventing trauma by clapping hands and wrists. After training, it is advisable to dry the gloves well with your glove dryers.

Homemade boxing training

To continue your boxing sessions at home, you will need boxing materials and boxing equipment such as a punching bag, punching bag, boxing gloves, boxing mittens, boxing bands or training materials. There are different sizes of impactor depending on your level of practice and with different hooking systems (suspended strike bags and foot strike bags). If you prefer the system without hanging on the wall, you can opt for a self-supporting bag. To optimize your training at home, for English boxing lovers, we recommend the strike bags to work on the fists. To work on all of the feet / fists techniques (Thailand boxing, kick kickboxing, full contact), we recommend a long and heavy strike bag to guarantee its stability. Punchingball, a self-supporting bag in the form of a pear, is often offered as a first boxing experience for children or adults. Small and easily transportable, it offers a multitude of possibilities to work on precision, dodges, basic sequences such as rights or hooks. Find our boxing material for your home training.

Training materials

Shields, pao, bear paws training materials… Some materials are used in training to increase your performance. Improve your strike power and accuracy by working with your partner using bear paws, very often used during English boxing. To work on your handmade sequences, we recommend small paos or the large shield to absorb the powerful pao-shield strikes

Boxing helmets and protections

The practice of boxing requires numerous protections intended to limit the impact of blows. One of the first points to protect is of course the head. The OUTSHOCK boxing brand offers you a wide range of helmets offering different protections: open helmet, full helmet covering the cheekbones. Tooth protectors, shells… Boxing protection options are multiple. On the protective side of female boxing, there is a chest protector and a shell specially designed to cover sensitive areas. As for Thai boxing protections, as with other types of boxing feet and fists, think of foot protectors, shin guards or elbowmen, essential to protect themselves well for the practice of foot-finges boxing such as Thai boxing, kickboxing.

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