Why put on boxing tapes?

Why put on boxing tapes?

The bands are used to keep them in place when typing. They also have the advantage of protecting the skin of the strike zone, with repeated blows. As boxing is a complete exercise, which solicits cardio, you will necessarily sweat.

Why put bandages ?

They prevent trauma to the hands and wrists during defense, such as attack. Bandages increase the power of blows because the hands are better sheathed. In addition, the absorption of band sweating delays the deterioration of the gloves.

What size for boxing bands ?

The length can range from 2.5 to 5m and the width from 4 to 5 cm. For the ideal size, it all depends on the size of your hands and therefore on the amount necessary to wrap your hands properly.

Which boxing bands to choose ?

The types of undergants or bandages buy.

  • Cotton bands are a good choice for regular training. …
  • Mexican bands look like cotton bands, but are made of elastic fiber that makes it easier for them to adapt to the shape of the hand.

How to wrap boxing bands ?

Part 2 of 2: Wrap the strip

  1. Extend your hand. …
  2. Insert your thumb into the hook at the end of the bandage, placed on the opposite side as the velcro. …
  3. Wrap it around your wrist. …
  4. Now wrap the tape around your hand. …
  5. Wrap the strip around your thumb. …
  6. Wrap your fingers.

How to put a bandage on your wrist ?

2. Bandage the wrist

  1. Take a clean strip.
  2. Support the hand of the person you bandage.
  3. Always bandage from bottom to top while doing clockwise laps.
  4. In the first round, place the strip at the wrist.
  5. Do 2 or 3 bunk laps to allow the tape to hold on tight.

How to put up restraints on someone ?

Put the tape :

  1. Start the installation from the internal edge of the foot, from the big toe.
  2. Always apply regular pressure.
  3. Do 2 laps around the foot.
  4. The heel may or may not be covered:…
  5. Go up around the ankle, covering the previous spiral at its half
  6. Go up to your knees.


How to put bands on a horse ?

Let’s go !

  1. Step 1: Find common sense. …
  2. Step 2: The first steps: Put the piece sticking out in the middle of the barrel. …
  3. Step 3: Descend along the barrel: Once the strip is in place, you can start to descend along the barrel.


What a punching bag glove ?

The “heavy” Gloves

these are classic bag gloves. The distinction with ring or combat gloves is linked to the density of the foam which is much higher in order to offer better protection for your points.

How to use boxing gloves ?

boxing gloves absorb moisture a lot, so wear boxing bands to protect yourself but also to absorb sweating. take out and store your boxing gloves in a well ventilated place after training is complete.

Where to find a Punching ball ?

Amazon.fr: punching ball.

How to clean the inside of boxing gloves ?

You can spray cider vinegar or white vinegar there for example. Also, you can use tea tree essential oil and a little water to kill the germs and fungi that may have developed in your boxing gloves.

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