You are stressed? Here’s why boxing could help you

You are stressed? Here’s why boxing could help you

While the Olympic Games only integrated female boxing in 2012, this combat sport has more and more lovers. Whether it’s venting, training or regaining confidence in your body, activity fits us like a glove.

Type to stop thinking, to strengthen, to express yourself … Impressive at first, this increasingly popular sporting activity has a double benefit: to train the body, while externalizing overflowing emotions, such as anger or stress: light contact, cardio boxing, kick-boxing … course offers explode in French-speaking Switzerland, so that there are now for all levels and all needs. Because it seems that each and everyone takes the gloves for a very specific reason, as Jenna shows, 26-year-old Geneva teacher: “I started boxing at the start of my studies, because I needed to exteriorize a lot of things that I couldn’t express through words. It is not very natural for me to describe my emotions, but boxing allows me to let go, to let off steam. I entered the room full of thoughts, I freed myself from all that I had accumulated, then I came out empty, soothed, more able to calmly think about things.”

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that can explain this growing success: concentrating all of our physical strength in a series of exercises undeniably alleviates our mental state, so that boxing can become a real psychological tool. Charline Grillon, Swiss kick-boxing champion in 2016 and psychologist, offers Lausanne “therapy boxing” sessions, during which she combines her two areas of expertise. “Like any sport, boxing promotes the secretion of endorphins, which do good to the body and morale,” she said. This is a very comprehensive activity, making all the muscles work while causing cardio and coordination. But above all, it allows us to become aware of our physical strength: we realize that we manage to hit hard, which strengthens our confidence in our bodies and in our ability to face things.

Like full consciousness, boxing also helps to re-establish the link between our body and our mind: “The concentration it requires forces us to anchor ourselves more in the present, to enter inside of us, which is so important today.”

Better reflexes

Another important point: the aspect relating to self-defense, which attracts many women, wishing to feel safer when they go out, especially in the evening: “These courses make you feel more in control, with potentially more tools to react if you encounter a problem, ”says Jenna. In this regard, Charline Grillon agrees: “If it is not always possible to react in the event of an assault, in real life, the fact of having taken blows during training will effectively be able to mitigate the shock and surprise, if that happens to us. We will also have better reflexes.

Free anger

But boxing can also open our Pandora’s boxes, buried deep inside: “Most of the people I get have realized that having therapy while sitting didn’t suit them, that they needed to move,” says Charline Grillon.

So, in the most serious cases, boxing can help our mind recover from a trauma that is difficult to express: “Some time after starting this sport, I experienced an assault,” Carine shares, 30 years old. At the time, I did not know how to react, it was not a context in which I would have been able to rethink the techniques learned. However, afterwards, it was thanks to boxing that I was able to unload all my anger. Rather than feeling victim of this injustice, I turned it into fury, which I managed to extract from myself by boxing. In these moments, I felt in control, it helped me enormously.“Whether you turn to an intense or light practice, sweeter for the body, boxing can become a real outlet. A liberation.

Should I get started?

Do not panic, if the idea of fighting boxing scares you a little: some courses, especially from (boxing in a vacuum) are limited to exercises, for example by means of strike bags: “Since the popularization of boxing, all styles combined, in fitness clubs or even some yoga studios, access to this sport is easier, with less snag, explains Simon Taberner (aka Simon Fit Ge) boxing coach in Geneva. This practice, combined with confrontation with the other, is now open to everyone, and increasingly focused on confrontation with oneself.Without forgetting the many physical benefits: “Scheduled practice increases cardiovascular capacity, tone and muscle coordination.”

Obviously, we should take our practice seriously, in order to avoid injuries. Simon Taberner thus stresses the importance of heating the muscles and joints, focusing on the whole body. “A clean and progressive technique is important,” he adds. The coach must know how to be a pedagogue and patient, while remaining attentive to the slightest defect.By going gradually and choosing a suitable style, we run there!

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